How to Unblock Websites at School / College

School CensorshipMost schools and colleges block certain websites as a matter of routine and it’s not just on the school computers themselves. How many times have you been blocked from your favourite websites on the school computer and then tried from your lap-top and still been blocked. That’s because the wi-fi network is also filtering your access.

Access is typically blocked from social networks, like FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, public mail providers, download sites and music sites.

Pretty frustrating when those are the exact sites you want to visit!

And it’s not just those popular sites that can be blocked, adult sites, drug related, political sites or activist sites can all be blocked which could be hampering genuine research. You don’t want to be asking your teacher or principal to get around this so what’s to do.

First, if you know the IP address of the website you want to visit, give that a try. So, instead of typing the name of the site or it’s web address, try the IP number.

Second, you could try and use a mobile search via Google Mobile Search which acts like a proxy fooling your school’s blocking software into thinking you are visiting Google.

Another similar option is to try a mobile simulator like Opera Mini which has the same effect although some sites will not really be readable using this method.

Next try a Web proxy, of which there are many free sites available like HideMyAss and Simply go to these sites first then enter the url of the website you want to visit in the search box. However you may find some of these proxy sites themselves are blocked by your school’s blocking software.

The most effective way to unblock websites at your school or college has to be to install VPN software on your lap-top or computer.

A VPN makes your connection both secure an anonymous so that the school or college network not only does not know who you are but also to what websites you are connecting.

Although some set-up is required to get your VPN up and going, the best ones are now so simple to use even the class dunce can get one up and running without breaking sweat.

VPN Service Rating Table

Rated VPN Service Price Visit
1 ExpressVPN $8.33/month * Visit ExpressVPN
2 HideMyAss $6.55/month * Visit HideMyAss
3 $7.50/month * Visit
4 PureVPN $6.25/month * Visit PureVPN

*12 month plan

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