How to Unblock Hulu Outside US

Unblock HuluHulu is a subscription service that offers streaming videos of TV shows, movies and other media. Founded in 2007, Hulu is a joint venture between NBC, Fox, Viacom, and Disney but is restricted to users who reside in the USA and Japan.

Some shows and movies are available for free and some at a small cost but even if you have a membership and are a US citizen you can’t get access whilst working or on vacation abroad.

If you are outside the US you will get a message saying you can’t access Hulu from your location as Hulu is tracking the IP address you are trying to log in from.

They are able to tell the location of your computer from your IP address and if you’re in Canada, Australia or the UK, for example they can see that your attempted access is originating from somewhere outside the USA. So how can you get around this?

What you need is a US IP address to make Hulu think you are actually located in the US and that’s where a VPN comes in.

A VPN secures and encrypts all of your data transmitted over the net and tunnels your on-line communications via one of their servers. It changes your IP address to a different IP address and also protects you against on-line snoopers and intruders.

So, by making use of a VPN you can change your IP address so that it seems you’re residing inside the US.

Naturally in this case as your aim is to watch Hulu from outside the US you will need a VPN that has servers positioned within the US.

There are lots of VPN service providers out there from which to pick but your major concern is do they have US servers and do they have fast and reliable connection speeds.

Beware becoming seduced by less costly web proxy service alternatives as Hulu is now blocking the majority of these.

VPN Service Rating Table

Rated VPN Service Price Visit
1 ExpressVPN $8.33/month * Visit ExpressVPN
2 HideMyAss $6.55/month * Visit HideMyAss
3 PureVPN $6.25/month * Visit PureVPN
4 $7.50/month * Visit

*12 month plan

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